Lets start off with some facts about me; my name is Harry G Merritt, I have graduated from BA Design at Goldsmiths university of London. One of the most commonly asked questions I get is, so what kind of design do you do?
This question never comes without some sort of hesitation. It’s a hard question to answer because I enjoy all parts of design process and is near impossible to set it just to one sector. My specific areas that I enjoy most are creative thinking, physical building, filmmaking, graphic design/ printing and have recently started playing around with model making using the 3D printer.

My work usually consists of me trying to understand difficult and not commonly explored topics. Once I’ve obtained enough information and knowledge around the subject I question everything about it. Then when i have gotten to a point of understanding and clarity I tend to use design with the intent to inform but in new and interesting ways.


I feel that my bow isn’t limited to one arrow; I think that I would be able to fit into many different places within the design community/ profession. With the skills that I have learned I have almost become a hybrid with knowledge of lots of different media but I think my process is the thing that directs me to certain professions as its very experimental.
However I also want to expand my skills to more technology related design and want to explore the uses of virtual reality and augmented reality. I believe that this could be the future of design; I feel that it will be all around us even if we can’t see it. I have also been interested in looking into the design of immersive interactive experiences. I feel that this industry will blow up soon due to the current social climate, ranking experiences over anything else. I feel that immersive interactive experiences are going to become bigger and better with more topical issues and some educational purposes, just giving designers like me a chance to express our work in new and interesting ways.

Harold George Merritt
Based In London
Contact Number: 07722855767