This project was to originally help myself with my learning difference, but after I learned more and more about it I found myself with information and techniques that could help others with dyslexia or other learning differences. As this project continued it changed from trying to teach myself about dyslexia, to try to help people without dyslexia understand the difficulties and challenges we go through. I also wanted people who have this learning difference to realise that it’s a difference and not a learning difficulty. For example, even a change in colour can make all the difference to someone with dyslexia. I struggle to read text in its default format (black writing on white paper) and when it’s printed on a red background I struggle lots more. However, I am able to read lots better when it’s printed on yellow. Something so simple and small can make all the difference. I wanted to try and help others understand that people with a learning difference don’t learn as well with conventional methods. I also wanted to give people a glimpse to how difficult it can be when we are forced to use the conventional methods.

Harold George Merritt
Based In London
Contact Number: 07722855767