In this project I explored the complexities of escaping perfection within design. At the very beginning of the project I didn’t know what I wanted to escape from but when I found the broken chair I knew this would be somewhere to start. I decided to fix the chair with string because I knew it wouldn’t be permanent meaning I would be able to fix it again. Once the chair broke a second time I fixed it with more string, this was the beginning of figuring out the process to which I would use through out the project. I found myself getting more confused with the chair so I decided to step away from that and started focusing on a more easily accessible and mouldable material, in this case it was ceramics fixed with clay. I found that this was a much better material to use, as I was able to make multiple iterations. I realised that I had unknowingly created this never-ending process of breaking and remaking because, in some sense, as soon as I said something was finished it would be perfect. By creating this process of breaking and re making then repeating meaning the object can never be perfect as I will be forever in a state of making. The object will never be complete and nor will it be seen as perfect therefore forever escaping the perfections of design as long as I continued the process.

Harold George Merritt
Based In London
Contact Number: 07722855767