Why Paint The Ceiling When The Walls Are Cracked?

This report explores the uses of hostile architecture in our modern urban environment . I discuss the historical value of hostile architecture and identify ways it has evolved through our culture. I also purpose reasons to why it has progressed to the point it has through extensive research. This report continues by identifying how I view hostile architecture and friendly architecture whilst critically evaluating both of them and responses that have been created due to hostile architecture. finally I conclude by identifying the similarity in both these forms of architecture and discuss how this research will effect my physical practice and methodology.

Nature, Nurture And Materia Culture2020

In this essay I discuss arguments for and against the nature and nurture debate whilst proposing a third argument of material culture and how this has a drastic effect on how we grow up. I also speak briefly about how we have commoditised this part of our learning and growth therefore meaning we don’t notice how much of a drastic effect it has in our development as children.

The Terrible Truth About Re-Education Camps2020

I wanted to explore the growing concern of the re education camps that are in Xinjiang, china and how these have been going on out of the publics eye. These seem to be camps that are put in place to de radicalise potential terror threats in china, but have a bit of a terrifying, potential reality.  I also discuss a design lead action to help people learn about what is happening in these re education camps.

Societ And Cultures2019

This essay discusses the cultural issues that the ZAO project explores and why we chose to focus on the areas we did. Speaking about such topics like ownership and privacy in a climate that is dominated by these and how much control we actually have over these ideas

Play, Dream, Design2019

I wanted to discuss the effect that design has on our everyday, with evidence of personal experiences and others. I also explored how institutions and museums construct their history and theory’s in relation to design and will argue that it is a reflection of the tension between the personal and institutional construct of design history. This will take place in two separate sections, which will then be linked together in the final section.

Dear World Leaders2018

This was an essay made to be a letter to the world leaders around the problems of climate change and what small things we can do that will make a large difference. It also talks about the country’s damage they are letting happen to the planet and certain countries that are doing all they can to help. It shows the frustration of an environmentalist that can only do so much and how, with the help from the world leaders, could make the biggest difference.

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