The title of this project was “for the love of ”, we were given a selection of different topic that as a group we had to pick between. We chose weaving because none of us had done anything to do with weaving at this point and we thought this would be a great opportunity to learn a new skill. We were tasked to create a 2-minute film on the topic we chose with the title of “for the love of weaving”. We chose to start straight away and get stuck in practically and see what happens. We made our own looms to begin with and started weaving, some were more successful then others to begin with and, as we progressed, we went to a number of classes and shops that focus on weaving. We met lots of lovely people in the community and had a greater understanding on why people who love weaving commit their lives to it. We looked at all parts of weaving from factory’s to the hand crafted and this gave us a greater understanding of the topic.


Harold George Merritt
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