Friendly Architecture2021

For the last year I have been exploring how to tackle hostile architecture within our urban environments to create a better and more inclusive places fo our communities to thrive. I have been developing a new practice called friendly architecture, which attempts to solve problems/issues that affect people and their communities. This practice aims to be inclusive, allow communities to come together, and help one another. I continue to speak with many people from a wide range of communities to gather a greater understanding on what problems people face within their urban environments. Through these conversations and my own understanding of design, I have come up with this definition of my practice.

Friendly Architecture
The complex, and/or carefully designed structure of something which fulfils the needs of the community and attempts to promote inclusion of people rather than the exclusion of said people.

This project has allowed me to explore many issues and offer solutions, but the purpose of this project is more complicated than just one designer trying to solve a few problems. Instead, it’s about gathering a community of friendly architects who see the same problems developing within their communities. It’s about changing our environments to become more inclusive to people rather than to exclude. It’s about creating conversations between people in the betterment of their communities. It’s about helping, and it’s about being friendly in the way we design.



Harold George Merritt
Based In London
Contact Number: 07722855767