I wanted to challenge myself to learn something and try to explain it in a different way to maybe help it become more understandable. Neuroscience was one topic that came to my mind as what is more complex than the human brains? I wanted to learn as much as I could to see if I could find an easy way to explain it or find something interesting to explore. I was open to the project changing and evolving through my process of research. I actually enjoyed that part of the project where I was unsure as it allowed me to be very experimental. One of my favourite outcomes was printing with a brain. I went to the butchers and asked for a pigs brain, I covered the brain in ink, then began to throw its at the canvas, hoping they the motion of it falling would create patters and would print onto the canvas. I was looking at the physical form of the brain and into different ways I could show this. The outcomes were very interesting and beautiful to me. This process helped me escape conventional methods of working and researching. My final outcome originated from learning that the brain has over 10 billion neurons that are constantly firing off electrical signals. This made me feel very small and overwhelmed as that is a massive number to be compressed into such a small space. I tried to recreate this feeling for others by creating a book filled with neurons (1mm by 1mm dots). The faded dots are the misfiring neurons. This book only showed 0.000001% of the brains capacity of neurons.  I also created an 8 metre real of neurons just like the ones in the book that showed 0.000075% of the brains capacity of neurons.

Harold George Merritt
Based In London
Contact Number: 07722855767