For this weeklong project we was given a film scene and asked to create a short film describing our ideas we had from the clip. Our clip was from the film “The Invisible Man” where he was waking up from the surgery that made him invisible. We were also told we where not allowed to use any special effect challenging us to create special effects without the use of the computer. We decided to look at the ideas of being invisible (socially) and the mental effects of this. We created a film that focused on a relationship with an invisible man but we hint at the fact it may not be real and it could all be in the girls imagination to deal with being socially invisible. But this is up for debate, as we didn’t want to give all the answers and wanted to let the viewer make up their own mind. We hint that there isn’t something quite right by the stop and start motion of the film and how it misses out some frames to create an almost dream like film. But this is all up for interpretation.


Harold George Merritt
Based In London
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